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Quality Outdoor Lighting Services For Home & Business Owners in Austin, TX

Outdoor lighting can make all of the difference to the outside appearance of your property... not to mention the safety and security aspects that it adds. It allows you, your family, and your visitors to move around safely at night, along with illuminating any areas of concern, particularly for your business.

At Lux Outdoor Lighting, we are excited to help you enhance your property through the beauty of illumination that comes from outdoor lighting. We are Certified Outdoor Lighting Professionals (1 of 5 folks here in Texas who hold this certification) and have been doing this for over 15 years now. So you can rest assured that you are hiring an experienced, passionate team who look forward to helping your property shine.

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We are a Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician (CLVLT) for the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP)

This certification is an association that teaches lighting contractors advanced lighting techniques in the lighting industry. They provide advanced training for all members and test them to become certified.

Outdoor Lighting Installation & Design in Austin, TX

Enhance your property with beautiful, high-quality outdoor lighting. Whether you are looking to add further appeal and beauty to your home or an extra layer of safety and security to your commercial property, Lux Outdoor Lighting can help you.

Our certified outdoor lighting professionals provide both the design and installation of your new outdoor lighting. Our experience means that we have the ability to understand your needs, work within your budget and design and implement a lighting installation that will exceed your expectations.

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Our outdoor lighting installation services include:

Custom LED Lighting Systems (Design & Installation)

From creating custom LED Lighting Designs to the full installation, Lux Outdoor Lighting has the knowledge and tools to ensure your lighting expectations are met.

Bistro Lighting

Backyard bistro lighting is what's trending right now. Bistro lighting is basically string lights strung over a patio or place where you would gather to enjoy the outdoors with some elegant soft lighting. Lux installs these beautiful commercial grade LED bistro lights for residential and commercial use.

LED Retrofit

Lux Outdoor Lighting can now convert your existing system to an LED lighting system without destroying your yard or conducting a major overhaul. This, in turn, will save you 75% - 85% on the lighting portion of your electric bill.

Night Time Demonstrations

We want you to experience your lighting system before you ever decide to invest your money with us. Call today to schedule your night demonstration.

Commercial outdoor lighting project, Austin, TX
Backyard lighting Austin TX

Our Unbeatable Warranties

Lux Outdoor Lighting offers 10 year to a lifetime warranty on LED lighting materials. We also guarantee our work for up to 1 year incase of any manufacturer or craftsmanship defects. This is a hassle free warranty. There is no pro rating or questions asked. In the rare instance that something goes wrong we replace it — PERIOD!

Lighting Maintenance

To ensure it is fully effective all year round, maintenance is essential for your outdoor lighting. Seasonal changes in foliage, as well as the annual growth of specimens, are taken into account at the design stage of our exterior and garden lighting schemes, and in the fittings we specify. Although much of our lighting uses LEDs, other types of low voltage lamps do need replacing from time to time.

At Lux Outdoor Lighting, we are able to provide maintenance on an occasional or regular basis, ranging from re-lamping and re-focusing of fixtures to a complete overhaul.

Maintenance work by Lux Outdoor Lighting

Low Voltage Maintenance Plans & Agreements

Are you tired of replacing bulbs and don’t have the time to maintain your outdoor lighting system? Lux Outdoor Lighting not only installs and designs professional award-winning lighting systems — but we also maintain them as well. We are one of the very few companies that will maintain other systems not professionally installed by our company.

Lux Outdoor Lighting provides a full-service maintenance program that works best for your lighting needs. Let us help extend the life and beauty of your lighting system.

Plan 1
Quarterly Plan (Premium Plan)


Bulb replacement, splice damage wire and miscellaneous items are free!

Conduct a full diagnostic test by volt and amp testing the entire system.  Clean the lights throughout.  Clean lenses and apply a metal conditioner on all lights.  Cut vegetation that might be obstructing the light output.  Rebury all exposed wire.  Re-aim lights that need it.  Reset timer if needed.

***In some cases, we will need to bring the system up to par first, if not maintained in over a year or not installed by Lux.

Plan 2
Bi-annual Plan


All materials are extra

Conduct a full diagnostic test by volt and amp testing the entire system.  Clean the lights throughout.  Clean lenses and apply a metal conditioner on all lights.  Cut vegetation that might be obstructing the light output.  Rebury all exposed wire.  Re-aim those that need it.  Reset timer if needed.

Plan 3
Quarterly Plan (Hourly)

Cost/hr. plus materials

Re-aim, straighten lights and cut vegetation if needed, re-bury wire if needed, check voltage and amperage on system.

Cost/ light

Clean only lights that have light preventive obstructions. E.g: ant mounds

*No full cleaning

Plan 4
Trouble call only

Cost/hr. plus materials (2hr. min.)

We only come out when you need us.

We fix only the problem requested.

$25 service fee, plus your Maintenance plan fee is charged between the normal scheduled visits.

If you are interested in any of our Maintenance Plans or if you have any questions, please contact us today!

Our Guarantee to you

We guarantee that you will get a solid, quality lighting system that matches your request. We also guarantee that you will get a beautiful design and that safety, security and aesthetics are all included in this.

Christmas Lighting

When the holidays are approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your decorations — and in this case, your Christmas lights. There is something so magical about Christmas lights that really brings about the holiday feeling. But what doesn’t necessarily bring that joyful feeling? Putting the lights up. From the tangled wires, the getting up on the ladder, to the sad feeling when you realize a bulb has bust — it’s unnecessary stress that just isn’t needed or welcome during the holiday season.

At Lux Outdoor Lighting, our lighting specialists are here to help you enjoy the holidays even more this year. We’ll provide a design for your custom Christmas light installation that will be bespoke to your home and your needs. We’ll then install them for you so you don’t need to get that ladder out this year! And, we even take them down afterward. This holiday season, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the time with your family in your sparkling home!

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Christmas lighting Austin TX
Outdoor lighting Austin TX

Why do residents in & around Austin, TX choose us for their Outdoor Lighting needs?

When it comes to outdoor lighting, we have a true passion for it here. We love how lights can transform the way a structure, plant, tree or a statue looks at night. Our owner started in the industry in 2004 and has been installing lighting systems every day since then. We can’t wait to help make your lighting dreams, a reality!